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The Founder

Mission & Goals

I founded TFT Global with the goal of sharing my knowledge and experience.  Dissecting the wonderful and diverse world of learning, taking deep dives into various relevant topics that will help demystify a number of educational themes and subjects.

We are curious, committed, and joyful in your learning voyage!

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Great Learning Starts Here

"I started TFT Global with an AIM to cultivate educational curiosity and ignite young mind with an AIM to educate the fresh soil into cultivating a huge tree"



"It's hard to say what a seed can open up and it's hard to explain what's the mission of education." But we go on DREAMING A NEW FUTURE WHICH CAN'T BE BROUGHT without the LIGHT OF EDUCATION and I believe and envision a MISSION of passing the lamp along with a team of dedicated teachers with INTEGRITY BEING MY BRAND"

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What we have to say to the SOCIETY?

“ I envision a New EDUCATED 2050 and that can't be made without the support of teachers, parents, schools and students”