The 5 key benefits of learning in groups

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

The key to why learning in groups are prefered than studying alone is for


where we gather our friends and circle required for REAL LIFE rather than just academics.

I,personally was the youngest student at my high school and felt lonely,and do not have any friends.

Sometimes,it's not so easy to get a group to STUDY WITH


Fixing the Right timing

Having difference of Opinion

Sometimes it becomes a large FIGHT and you loose your friends

But,it's an exposure that is required for every student in LIFE

2) Deeper Understanding of The subject Material

When you discuss with others you tend to understand better and mostly you would study more than ONCE


it;s hard to study alone always especially some subjects require a lot of discussion, brainstorming and ideas and we tend to get bored and tired when we do it all by ourselfs.

4)Healthy Competition

Sometimes this may lead to a healthy competition and debate where you START STUDYING TO BE BETTER!

5) You may be off STUDY STRESS as all of you are at the same pace

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